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Party: Wired Drums Vol. 1 with Billain & Cause4Concern

März 17 | 23:00

Party: Wired Drums Vol. 1 with Billain & Cause4Concern
17.03.2017, Yaam Berlin, Doors: 23:0016179819_765461773


Billain (Bad Taste / Eatbrain) Bosnia-Herzegovina

Cause4Concern (Cause4Concern Records / Methlab) UK

Artificial Behavior (Wired Drums) IT/DE

Ankur Seres (Wired Drums) DE

Wired Drums are working in cooperation with the legendary YAAM Berlin to present a regular night of technically advanced Drum&Bass music rooted in Berlins underground electronic music world.
Intelligent yet danceable beats, approachable for everyone, without drifting off to commercial Bass-Music structures. Our nights are not about huge build-ups and massive drops, but about complex drum-patterns, futuristic sound-design and constant danceability.
Our focus is on the Tech-Step and Neurofunk side of Drum&Bass music with occasional visits to the harder fields of Break- and Drumcore.
Our dates for 2017 are:
17th March (BILLAIN, Cause4Concern)
06th April special show by Mad Zach
12th May
15th September
10th November (MethLab Agency Night)

We support freedom of personal space, enjoy your self without invading the space of others!
Look out for yourself and others, act responsible!
No Sexism
No Homophobes
No Racism


März 17