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Datum: 20.07.2018 - 22.07.2018

Doors: 19:30 Uhr (täglich)

Start: 20:00 Uhr (täglich)

Line Up: karibische Kurz- und Spielfime

Genre: Cumbia, Reggae, Dub, Latin, Dancehall

Wir freuen uns, Euch zum ersten "Caribbean Film Corner" einladen zu können. Als der Ort Berlins, der sich seit fast 25 Jahren karibische Kultur in Berlin lebt, ist es uns eine besondere Freude Euch 3 Tagen Kurz- uns Spielfilme am Spreeufer zu präsentieren!

Auf dem Programm stehen Filme aus Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaika, Kolumbien, Venzuela, Martenique, Gudualupe, Cuba & der Dominikanischen Republik. Anschließend kann zu Cumbia, Reggae, Dub, Latin & Dancehall ordentlich gefeiert werden!

█ FREITAG 20.07.2018 ab 20 Uhr (Kurzfilme) █

► The Little Boy and the Ball
Explores the relationship between a young boy and his favourite companion, his ball. Everywhere Richard goes, so goes the ball. This is a simple story with a simple moral; a friend is a friend, no
matter what or who they are.

Region: Trinidad & Tobago / USA
Type: narrative short
Director: Damion Marcano
Running time: 11mins

► Vivre
A teacher asks her class, “What do you want to be when you grow up? ” Whilst his joyful classmates respond, Tom, a quiet ten year old boy, slips away.

Region: Guadeloupe
Type: narrative short
Director: Maharaki
Running time: 13mins

► Captain T&T
Six year old ‘Thin Foot’ strives to become the hero of his own life.

Region: Trinidad & Tobago
Type: narrative short
Director: Christopher Guinness
Running time: 12mins

► Entre Deux / In Between
Alone in a wasteland, a man is surprised by the ringing of a public telephone. A woman is on the other end, and confuses him with someone else...

Type: narrative short
Director: JF Maggi
Region: Martinique
Running time: 8mins

► Fish
Two homeless cousins desperately try to survive the streets. Thieves by profession, they routinely hunt the local market in search of unsuspecting shoppers, but times are getting harder and the pickings are slim. Will fortune favour the brave?.

Type: narrative short
Director: JF Maggi
Region: Martinique
Running time: 8mins

► Pothound
Shot from the point of view of a street dog in relation to the world around her, this touches on issues of violence, homelessness, water supply issues, racial stereotypes, wildlife conservation and displaced animals. This is the story of Pothound’s adventures on the streets.

Type: narrative short
Director: Christopher Guinness
Region: Trinidad & Tobago
Running time:10mins31secs

► Nou Mèm
This is the life of Norbert, who’s special simply because he’s different from those around him although what he’d really like is to just fit in.

Type: narrative short
Director: Junsunn Lo & Mark Slyve
Region: Martinique
Running time: 5mins

► Apocalypse
A short film about the ravages caused by drugs in Martinique.

Type: narrative short
Director: Olivier Ozier la Fontaine
Region: Martinique
Running time: 20mins

► Power of the Vagina
Exploring the myths surrounding a woman’s vagina,its perceived power and her sexuality, this controversial topic examines the issues surrounding a woman’s right to her own body.

Type: narrative Doc
Director: Jimmel Daniels
Region: Trinidad & Tobago
Running time: 22mins

► Chinese Girl
Through the stories of fifteen female subjects occupying various social circles, there emerges a contemporary portrait of Caribbean Chinese identity questioning how one defines ethnicity and identity
in a Caribbean space.

Type: narrative Doc
Director: Nathalie Wei
Region: Trinidad & Tobago / Canada
Running time: 44mins

► Santana
An adult Muppet comedy series which tells the story of a middle class community of Lexo Street in Trinidad.

Region: Trinidad & Tobago
Type: Comedy series
Director: Roger Alxis
Running time: 8mins

► Giants
A story of young people and who they look up to, their giants. Filmed on location in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Trinidad, West Indies.

Type: narrative short
Director: Damion Marcano
Region: Trinidad & Tobago/ Netherlands
Running time:16mins13secs

► The Fire Queen
Young island love between an uptown girl, Tilly, and a boy from the ghetto, Ska. However, Tilly is dealing with a moment of self discovery; she realizes that she can ignite herself on fire.

Type: narrative short
Director: Damion Marcano
Region: Trinidad & Tobago
Running time: 15mins 25secs

► Cheese Episode 1
A young man comes up with a plan after news that he’s gotten a girl
pregnant to become the village weed supplier..and keeping his new enterprise out of the reach of the law.

Type: narrative short
Director: Damion Marcano
Region: Trinidad & Tobago
Running time: 24mins 56secs

█ SAMSTAG 21.07.2018 ab 20 Uhr (Kurzfilme/ Lateinamerika) █

► Minute 200
A lonely, elderly woman resigns herself to just waiting for death, convinced that it will come knocking on her door as soon as she has used the last minute of her cellphone credit.

Type: narrative short
Director: Frank Benitez
Region: Colombia
Running time: 19mins

► Gangá
The Ganga drums sound only on December 17 in Perico, Matanzas
(Cuba). On Yebbé’s Day (San Lazaro’s day), the last Ganga play, sing and dance to their unique deities, who are not venerated anywhere else in Latin America.

Type: narrative Doc
Director: Juan Caunedo
Region: Cuba / Argentina
Running time: 12mins

► Jesus TV
The son of God returns to earth, only to realise that his approach
is dated. With the help of famed TV producer Pedro A. Postol,
Jesus is styled for our times and becomes the star of a prime-time
reality show, Jesus TV.

Type: narrative short
Director: Gastón Goldmann & Hector
Region: Venezuela
Running time:15mins

► 20 Años
A middle-aged woman tries to get her beer-drinking, baseball-
obsessed husband to fall in love with her again with heart-breaking consequences.

Type: claymotion
Director: Barbaro Joel Ortiz
Region: Cuba
Running time:12mins

► Heart Of A Monster
For generations, It has become the duty of every man - once they
come of age to go out and fight the monster.that has plagued his village for centuries.

Type: narrative short
Director: Damion Marcano
Region: Trinidad & Tobago / Curacao
Running time: 19mins 17secs

█ Sunday 22 July. 20h00. Double Bill: OLD vs NEW █

► The Harder They Come
The Harder They Come ist ein jamaikanischer Kinofilm des Regisseurs Perry Henzell aus dem Jahr 1972 und zählt zu den so genannten Midnight Movies. Vorlage für den Film war das Leben des Rude boy Vincent "Ivanhoe" Martin, alias Rhyging (1924–1948); die Filmhandlung ist allerdings in der Gegenwart der Produktionszeit angesiedelt. Der Film wird als einer der Wegbereiter der Reggae-Musik für ein internationales Publikum angesehen.

► God Loves The Fighter
Several people fight to live in their community of east Port of Spain.
Their circumstances affect their decision making - leading to moments of triumph and moments of tragedy.

Type: Feature film
Director: Damian Marcano
Region: Trinidad & Tobago
Running time: 104mins

The Caribbean Film Corner was born of a love of the Caribbean and of film, and a desire to give filmmakers from the region a global platform. We feature film from across the Caribbean, created in Spanish, French, English and Dutch speaking countries that encompass the archipelago from the Bahamas to Trinidad. A rich vein of talent, artists from the area have created diverse films that span every genre and take many perspectives. Expect to see absorbing documentary, fiction and animation in short and feature length form.

The constant in the Caribbean Film Corner is Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda, an award-winning filmmaker himself who is passionate about the artform. Previously a university lecturer, Neigeme now dedicates all his time to the creation and promotion of film. He’s worked on films that have won awards in the Czech Republic, France, Italy, the USA and the UK, and in 2012 he became an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus.
Caribbean Film Corner has been successfully showcasing Caribbean film throughout Europe for the last eight years. We’ve screened in the UK and France, Guadeloupe and Martinique, as well as being invited to various European film festivals and markets such as Cannes, the International Short Film Festival ZUBROFFKA (Poland), the Black Night film festival and market (Estonia), the Avignon OFF Festival, and IO6 Paris.

Eintritt 3,- pro Veranstaltungstag
YAAM An der Schillingbrücke 3
10243 Berlin

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